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Friday, April 16, 2004

Somebody Get Me A Ladder

I’m glad that’s over. Having found the bottom of the pit, I’m always amazed when I find a ladder to haul my sorry arse back up to the light.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

A Son To His Father

However bad things may seem right now, there's always someone in a darker deeper part of the valley than oneself.

Yesterday I talked to an old friend. His father has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness and it’s estimated that he has between three and six months to live.

SS: Does he know yet?

OF: Yes. I broke the news to him this morning.

How we respond to situations of stress and conflict can say a lot about our character. I hope that if the time ever came, I’d be able to perform such a duty with the kind of dignity and strength my old friend displayed yesterday.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I feel at somewhat of a low ebb today exacerbated by the fact that Tom is missing his grandfather.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Planning For Travel

Visitors to the yellow room this morning included a gorgeous sunrise at around six a.m. as well as Baby Wilson and Mad Min taking advantage of its presence.

Last night we watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on television. Although the movie was highly recommended by many friends but sadly its charms were lost on me. I just find the sword fights and roof-jumping utterly uninteresting. As I watched the dizzyingly acrobatic displays I found myself longing for the invention of the gun.

Debbie is busy getting ready for her visit to Brum. She’s going to spend a bit of time with chums Neil and Halina. Then they’ll be going to the lovely Sheldon. I had hoped to be going myself but a combination of lack of cash and competing priorities mean I’ll be enjoying the continuing delights of Whitley Bay and the north-east.

There’s a possibility that the boys and I will be getting away for a day trip up to Dunstanburgh Castle later in the week. In the meantime it’s busy, bus, busy.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Treasure Hunt

Bright and sunny but changeable weather today. Nevertheless, we ventured out to Tynemouth for a walk along the beach. Of course the reward for such a trek is that we visit the flea market to search for goodies and treasure.

Debbie picks up books ahead of her trip to Birmingham and Shldon. I dig around for visual inspiration but come up empty-handed. Tom and Joe declare themselves well pleased clutching a bunch of Yu-gi-oh trading cards.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

The Station Agent

Not A Sentimental Journey

Shot in 20 days with a paltry $500,000, writer and director Tom McCarthy has created a heart-warming movie bitter-sweet wistful moments that avoids being merely another sentimental journey.

The central cast of Peter Dinklage (trainspotting dwarf, Fin) Bobby Cannavale (brash hot-dog vendor, Joe) and Patricia Clarkson (depressed artist, Olivia) are an unlikely troupe of outsiders who at first glance have nothing in common.

Yet, little by little their respective barriers and limitations are broken down not by any single great revelation but by the small concessions to civility that oil our journey through each day.

They traipse their way along the railway tracks that criss-cross the beautiful wilderness of New Jersey, gradually connecting with each other, eventually arriving at an understanding of their respective needs.

Though they remain vulnerable they nevertheless understand that in a world of increasing isolation and loss, love and friendship remain are the two commodities we can’t ever do without. A beautiful, touching movie.

Friday, April 02, 2004

A Teenager Coming To Terms With Death

Rain. The children go off to school kitted up as best they can to resist and repel the downpour. It’s Peter’s funeral this morning at Whitley Bay crematorium. Given the choice of attending Tom and Joe opt not to.

Joe is happy to talk about his granddad. Tom is not. This morning I had to intervene as an angry Tom rounded on Joe, berating him for saying that he would miss his granddad. Tom’s point (which he was forcibly making) was that he didn’t want Joe going on about his granddad being dead because it was upsetting enough.

I try to explain that different people have different needs and you have to try and respect each other’s position as awkward and as difficult as it is. Tom’s retort was that he respected Joe’s need but just wished he wouldn’t express it while he was around.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Ginger Bob Keeps Watch

Eric Oliver stopped by this morning to listen to the rough demo version of Pure by Markus Reuter and Ian Boddy. He also took time to plough through the hour or so of video I shot when I visited Ian and Markus during the recording sessions.

Eric is a film maker and has agreed to collaborate on making a short movie which may or may not be used on the forthcoming Pure cd release.


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