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Tuesday, June 12, 2001

The Worst Job In The UK

Everybody loves a loser. On Friday morning, William Hague announced that he was now resigning as the leader of the Conservative Party. Within minutes the tributes were pouring in, all sorts of commentators were saying how dignified he was and how much he had done for the Tory party. I had to pinch myself. Was this not the same William Hague who had masterminded a bogus, xenophobic, jingoistic campaign ?

During the four years of his leadership, support for the Tories at a national level has remained unchanged. Well I suppose it could have been worse. Couldn't it ? Err. . .no it couldn't. It can only be a matter of days before the unctuous Michael Portillo announces his candidature for the worst job in the UK.

A week-end defined by and large by the mad weather. Step out the house for a troll along the beach with the kids. Skies all blue and radiant sunshine. Then a few minutes into our stride, we are thwacked by hailstones, assailed by driving rain and caught in wonderment at the appearance of a storybook rainbow.

On Saturday night, I happened to be up in front of a television - thankfully ours rather than anyone else's - and caught Radiohead live in concert. I'm told that the band are the bees knees and the acme of pop experimentation. Noticed how I avoided using the phrase "new progressive" in their company.

Well, I watched for a while and concluded that I must have been given the wrong critical appreciation chip when I left the factory. Whereas just about every human being I come into contact raves about them, I just can't hear what all the fuss is about. Sorry to be so off message about this but there you have it.

Today I received a copy of Matt Seatle's new CD Border Seasons. It's a bit of double bonus as it also features Mr.McFall's String Quartet. Haven't had a chance to play it yet but a swift gander down the track listing tells me that it does include the Tyne Anew piece we commissioned last year. Cheers Matt !

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