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Wednesday, March 08, 2000

Debbie Takes A Tumble

Sometime in the night I awoke and it seemed the whole house was rattling and banging. For a second, I was gripped by that primeval fear which percolates through, no matter how familiar we are with the cause of the noise – the loose window catch rattling in the wind for example.

Somewhere in a half asleep state, dark nameless monsters and imaginings scratch and scrape away at our reasoning.

Debbie who up to that moment had been fast asleep, got up to go to loo. As I settled back down, the wind seemed to reach a crescendo followed by a muffled thump. I began to drift off to sleep only to be awoken by Debbie several moments later who told me she had just fallen down the landing stairs.

The cat of course said nothing.

Spent this evening beavering away at the book. I completely revised and re-wrote Indoor Games, Happy Family and Prince Rupert’s Lament. I’ve not yet heard the recent remasters of this album but if ITCOTCK is anything to go by, I’ll probably end up re-writing the re-writes.

Tomorrow I’m off to York for the day to listen to Andrew Keeling’s lecture on prog-rock. For me the classic progsters (no pun intended) have held little interest for me since their glory days.

John Kimber of leafy Highgate has played me some bits and pieces of the likes of ELP and Yes and I just can’t make the connection. I’ve also managed to avoid hearing anything of the likes of White Willow, IQ, Spocks Beard or whatever the new kids on the block are called.

So, I’m hoping that Andrew’s lecture will bring me up to date with the post punk prog-type of prog. York also has lots of associations for me. I had my honeymoon in York many years ago as well as some very nice little book shops. I’m hoping that Andrew and I will have some time to go for a cup of tea afterwards.

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