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Monday, September 15, 1997

King Crimson Nightwatch Playback

The Nightwatch Playback
Saturday 13th September, 1997

Well, it was one hell of a do. For me, this period of Crimson is / was my favourite so it held a particularly special magic seeing them all re-united even if it was only an autograph table rather than on a stage.

Icing on the cake was provided by the presence of a Mellotron or two, the appearance and playing of Tony Gebelle, Tony Levin and particularly John Wetton performing Book Of Saturday - something which I last saw him do at Birmingham Town Hall, 28th October 1973.

The atmosphere of camaraderie and sheer excitement was wonderful and even though the queues for merchandising etc, lasted an hour or so it didn't spoil the buzz that was going around the place.

As ever, the DGM staff were polite, helpful and attentive all of which made the day go very well indeed. Call me a sentimental old git but I got a particularly huge thrill to be able to see the original cover art for LTIA and to grab a 30 second conversation with Richard Palmer-James. The playback itself could have been a little bit longer but I guess that we wouldn't have been able to fit in all the signings which people wanted.

The couple of minutes of the new KC rehearsals was interesting particularly as it sounded as though they added Hammond Organ to the line up – ah The wonders of the digital age.

Almost as good as seeing the band and almost worth travelling to London for was meeting up with Crimheads in the Rose & Crown pub handily located in the next street to the Hotel Intercontinental. There were people from Cornwall, London, Birmingham, Bradford, Holland and Australia. Heading up the USA delegation was non other than Epitaph veteran and connoisseur of jet lag - Robert Cevero. And blow me if Michael Giles and John Wetton didn't turn up for a pint as well (you can check out Robert Cervero's pictures and report back here).

The rest of the evening was spent consuming more beer than is good for men of a certain age and swapping Crimson quotes and legends. Great stuff. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Now if only I can get the time off work to make the Projekct One gigs in December.

I spent the train back to newcastle the next day playing all the new goodies. Crivens, there's some stunning music on those CD's. Thanks DGM


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